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    Technology works best when the right information is passed between layers, the APIs are robust, there is interoperability, the information is secure and the code works as designed. Shouldn't you expect the same from your staffing partners?

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Domain Focus - Data Technology

Our client range from startups, venture capital companies to established publicly traded companies. We have numerous success stories of placing star performer in different data science and data analytics domain. Some of the domains that cut across different industries, are listed below:

Data Science / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence field being an emerging field is seeing a massive demand for candidates with right skills set. We understand the difference between a Data Analyst and Data Science. We understand how Mathematics and Statistics are equally important ingredient for a Machine Learning practitioner as is Computer Science.

We have successfully placed Machine Learning / AI Engineer in start ups and mid size companies in the following fields: Computer vision, NLP, Deep Learning, Fraud Detection and  Audio Signal Processing

Business Intelligence (descriptive/past) and Predictive Analytics (predictive/future)

We understand what it takes to make your Data warehouse intelligent and we know what it takes to make intelligent forecast. Most importantly, we know *who* can do it for you! Every day we are helping our clients make sense of the data and give them meaningful insights.

The Impact players that we place are helping our clients in areas such as Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Operations and Compliance. They are armed with PhD in Statistics, MS in Biostatistics, MS in Computer Science and years of hands on and leadership experience. They are writing sophisticated algorithms and mining data to come up with solutions on Social Analytics, Ad Placements, Early disease detection, customer retention, fraud prevention, cybersecurity etc.


Process Analytics

  •   Industrial Process Analytics using IoT 4.0 industry standards
  •   Fault Analytics
  •   Robotic Operating System (ROS) Analytics


Risk Analytics 

  • Third Party Risk Analytics
  • Financial Credit Risk
  • Credit Risk Modeling

Social Media Analytics

  •   Sentiment Analytics
  •   Engagement Analytics

Collection Recovery Risks Analytics

Customer Acquisition Risks Analytics

Technology Stack